What are the characteristics of LED Strip Lights so popular?

Aug 23, 2018

With the rise of the Led Strip Lights industry, the application of LED waterproof power is increasingly appearing in our daily lives. LED lights with power supply because of the waterproof function, we usually also refer to LED street light power supply as LED waterproof power supply. But in fact, LED waterproof power is not just for LED street lights. LED outdoor lighting, outdoor LED lighting, etc. will use LED waterproof power. In some indoor places, LED waterproof lights are also applied, so the application is still quite extensive. In the LED waterproof power supply, there is a concept of protection level. I think everyone has heard of a noun. We usually choose to have no protection level in an indoor dry environment. If you use the power supply outdoors, the protective contour is your first choice. What are the characteristics of the belt? 

Patch led features:

1, can be bent at will, can be fixed in high and low appearance;

2. The supplier lamp of every 3 LEDLEDs can form a loop;

3, compact size, rich colors;

4. Every three LEDs can be cut off along the tangent line above, without damaging others;

5. It consists of the supplier of printed circuit board printed circuit board, with double-sided tape on the back for product fixing;

6, can complete the chase, scan, font, animation and other changes; common patch led package size: 3528/5050/0603/0805/3020/335/020/3535/3014 and other standards.

Substrate data of SMD LED strip: Considering heat dissipation, special high thermal conductivity cermet (LTCC-M) substrate, high thermal conductivity cermet (LTCC-M) composite substrate high power LED ceramic substrate: 1. High heat conduction and low thermal resistance 2. Thermal expansion coefficient matching (TCE: 6.2) 3. Anti-UV 4. Corrosion resistance and yellowing 5. Corresponding to Rohs rule 6. High air tightness 7. High temperature resistant scale: 1. For near or unclear information Light up

2, used for the route and generalization symbol, luminous signs, car decoration and other fine decoration categories.